App Devs, please stop asking for reviews

When I update apps on my mobile devices I am seeing a really terriable trend, developers taking up space in their update notes begging people to review their app. I need to set the record straight before this gets out of control.

If your app is worth giving a review, I will go out of my way to do that. But when you ask people for reviews there is a sense of wanting to compel us to leave a review when the innovation isn’t really there in your app. This results in really low quality reviews. Do something that makes you say, “You know what? This app/update is awesome, it deserves a review”. Customers of your app will feel the same way and go out of their way to leave a review without you having to say anything.

The problem with asking customers to leave a review is:

  1. It’s annoying, its like begging a customer for business. The request is out of place. Its like a stalker that keeps asking you to take them back. Stop it, just stop.
  2. Asking for a review unconsciously has an effect that assumes your app doesn’t deserve it otherwise you would’nt be asking. If your app was innovative it would just be assumed that your app is worthy of a automatic review.
  3. There has to be a really good reason to want to review your app. If that reason doesn’t exist, you create a schism between you and your customer base. The customer that does leave a review will expect something in return since your app clearly doesn’t deserve it, after all you are begging someone to leave a review. Why would you do that, should’nt your app being in the market be enough? Please dont use the middle man as a excuse, you choice to put your app on that platform.

    I am very selective on which developers give reviews to. I look out for the following things:

    • Does the app attempt to use non-proprietary formats so my data isnt locked behind some obscure development decision?
    • Does it have support for encryption if applicatable?
    • Does the developer refrain from using a intrusive subscription model?
    • Does the developer respond to suggestions and support request in a resonable amount of time?
    • Does the developer innovate where possible?

      If you are not doing anything in the above bullet points, im sorry but your app does not deserve a review. I am very selective in which apps I give reviews for. I can only remember one app that I went out of my way to give a review for: Editorial. You know why? Because the app is so inovative that for me to not give a review would make me feel bad. The app does so much to improve my life that I absolutely feel compelled to say something about it.

      Just stop. If your app is worthy for a review your customers will go out of there way to make it know that your app deserves a review.


      Relocated to Sebastopol, Still Service Santa Rosa Community

      Dear Customers, due to the out of control price gouging in rent prices. I am no longer living at Santa Rosa. But I still provide technical service to the community at Santa Rosa twice a week (by appointment only, no walk-ins available) at Share Exchange Business Office located at 533 5th Street. You can schedule an appointment by calling me at 707-536-1527, texting me on my cell at 707-416-5811, or contacting me from the website.

      If you are renting please consider not going along with the perceivable out of control rent increases for the good of the community. Thank you.

      Tmobile Billing and Automated Payment Department Customer Service Issue

      Spoke to: Chastity – supposed supervisor

      The issue is that I changed the cc card on file and made a payment for august with a customer service rep he asked me to call *233 which I did to setup automated bill pay it did not go though . The automated system connected me to a rep. The rep that asked me for the billing zip code I gave her the new the zip code for the credit card number I changed with the last rep. The rep asked me again the billing zip code as if I gave her the wrong one (obviously they won’t tell you it’s wrong for security purposes) I said which one because I do not know which they had on file. The customer service rep responded as if I responded with I did not no my zip code. I repeated my answer that I did not know which zip code they hand on file now since the credit card changed with the last rep. She repeated the question, at this point I started to get terse as I started to feel like she had been doing this a thousand times and was not interested in listening to what I said. I repeat my answer in a stern voice that I did not know which credit card was on file at this point due to the fact that the card was charged with the previous customer service rep. Silence on the lineā€¦then music. I was put back into the queue. After about 30mins of being on hold the call rang though but I was put in the queue again probably by the same rep that I talked to who put me back in the queue. After another 30 mins of being on hold the call rang though and I was able to finally I speak to someone. She identified herself as Chasity. I asked to speak to the head of that department or who she reported to, she would not answer the question and kept repeating that she was the supervisor and that there was nobody higher than her, and could she help me. I released the call at this point.

      I plan to call the corporate headquarters as soon as I get time. I need to speak to some much higher up So I can explain that the quality of customer service is unacceptable.

      I want 2 months free for having to spend two hours of my time and I want automated payment setup for sept and I don’t want to be double charged for augest from the automated system charging me for augest since it was already paid for.

      Your staff are not handling issues very well the automated payment should have been setup when the payment was taken and I should have not been asked to set this up myself.

      There is no chain of command where you can esclate issues if you get a bad chain of employees when trying to get your issue handled. If you get a bad support rep. (and tmobile has many), you’re screwed. It seems like from my experience that the reps. will just drop the call if you don’t play ball with the way things are. Meaning that they just want you to repeat information so they don’t have to do their job. They seem to deliberately misinterpret the call in such a way a to do the least amount of work to help.

      Slab City

      To my friends and customers. I have grown weary with living in our current society. The reasons are complex but over the years I have discovered many untruths about what I been told about many facets of how society is run. I had a awakening after reading “The end of all evil” which basically sums up the qualities society is based on. I want to live in a better world, in order to do that I can no longer contribute to the problems in society by being part of it.
      So, I have been researching places to go where I will be outside the current machines of society. I am researching how to travel, live and stay safe in Slab City. Some may say you can never really extract yourself from the problem totally and that you will end up relying on the system somehow. Mabel that’s true… The point really is that for me to make a positive contribution to people by involving myself in centralized government as little as possible. Freedom is a gift, to allow any person or system take that away for any reason is harmful to everyone.

      I do not plan on being in civilation as we know it in 2018. I hope to be off-grid by then.