Reservation of Rights

All my rights as a indivudal who services the public are reserved. I reserve the right to: refuse to accept you as a new customer, halt work in progress if I feel like my time is being taken advantage of by being abusive verbally, in writing or in person. I am one person with many customers, I will do my best to keep you up to date on the work I am doing, but certain circumstances can cause the work length to be different than what I originally specified or more than you can bear, ranging from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If you can not wait that long for your device to be serviced please seek a firm that has many technicians that can offer a quicker turn around time. I do offer limted device loaner options if stock is available. Please make an inquiry if you need a loaner machine when you bring your device in to be serviced.

If you work for any government entities or are being contracted by any entity that has a relationship to a government entity where you are ordered to observe or obtain records about my service operations I reserve the right to charge you directly if your inquiry requires me to act to protect my rights, or act on any order or requirement you communicate to me that takes time out of my work day or interferes with my rights in any way. I reserve the right to answer exclusively in writing to any order or notice that requires me to respond. Regardless of what entity you work for, or what you are asked to do, you are always liable for your actions whether its on behalf of another or the result of your own decision.

Late/No Shows

At-Your Location:

I reserve the right to charge you a full fee or half fee in the event that you are over 10mins late or do not show up when I arrive at your location and do not call me ahead of time, by at least 3 hrs before the appointment. The cost will be determined by how far I have to travel, If I could have had other same time appointment that day, or how you respond to being held accountable for being late or not showing up. If for any reason I feel like my time is being wasted I will charge you for my time, and that will be the end of our arrangement. My time is just as valuable as your time, please consider that when you are making appointments with me. If you give me notice before hand that you might late and you specific how late you might be and follow though with that then there will be no charge, communication is key.


I am a bit more flexible when you visit my office for being late as I know traffic and other issues can cause problems for being timely and since I didn’t make a special visit to your location. But if it becomes a habit more than twice I may reserve the right to charge you for loss of time. I reserve the right to charge you half of my regular fee if you are later than 20mins to an appointment with out 3hrs advance notice. Full fee if you fail to show up without giving me 3hr advance notice.

When I am late or do not show: I will compensate you by giving you a discount on my first hour fee on your or my next visit. The discount will be determined by the lateness of my visit or if I didn’t show up at all due to my fault: I.E forgot about the appointment, or was late getting out of a previous appointment and failed to call at least 3 hours in advance.

Equipment Left Behind Agreement

Any equipment left behind for over a period of 120 days from the date of service will be destroyed/recycled. You agree that any equipment you leave behind may be sold to cover any outstanding payments not received within 60 days of the date of invoicing. All Personal Data will be irrevocably destroyed to protect your privacy. I will make every effort to contact you, but if I am not able to reach you or you do not respond within this time frame regardless of the reason, I am assuming you do not want whatever equipment you have left behind and your equipment will be irrevocably destroyed/sold to cover costs and you will not be able to get your equipment back.


In-Shop/Office Service

When you have me service your device. I take precautions to protect your data by working on your device in a private room and I will be the only tech that handles your device. I will only access data areas that you have asked me to work on and will not go skimming though your data that is outside the scope of what I need to analyze/repair.

Remote Service or At-location Service

During the servicing of your device I may have to access certain areas of your file system that might contain private information. I will not take any action that involves breaching the privacy to your digital information in any way.

I take every effort within my ability to secure the communications and my locations that I service devices at. This does not mean that someone with a strong motive could piggy back on my communications or my physical location to invade your privacy. If that ever happens you agree not to hold me responsible for another’s actions.


When you have me service a device, I am not responsible for data loss/theft under any circumstances. I am also not responsible for damage to hardware that results from wear and tear. If there is loss or damage to your device due to my actions or inactions I will compensate you up to 2,000 dollars. I do not have insurance for any outcome that involves your the loss of your device or your data.